Larkspur Capital specializes in the placement of equity and debt securities to institutional investors for both private and publicly held companies. The market for private equity and private debt has experienced tremendous growth, which has resulted in the creation of many different institutional investment funds. These funds vary as to industry focus, stage of company, investment type, investment amount, return parameters, control interests, etc. Larkspur has the experience and expertise to guide a company through the private capital raising process, a process that is often more complex and challenging than many other forms of financial transactions.

Larkspur Capital can source and structure funding for all parts of the balance sheet and has successfully sought financing for transactions ranging from $5 million to $200 million. Larkspur has the expertise to raise capital in various forms and structures including common stock, preferred stock, PIPES (private investments in public companies), conventional bank debt, subordinated debt and senior debt. In its capacity as a placement agent, Larkspur Capital will:

  Develop the optimal capital structure that is appropriate for your company and the markets.

  Provide market intelligence and current market feedback with regard to pricing, structures and terms.

  Prepare offering materials needed to successfully approach institutional investors.

  Analyze a company’s business model and historical and projected financials
and help formulate a “go-to-market” strategy.

  Negotiate terms and conditions including pricing, structure, terms, governance issues,
inter-creditor agreements (if required).

  Contact our extensive network of institutional investors on a client’s behalf. By creating a competitive process, Larkspur works toward obtaining the best possible pricing and terms for our clients.

  Manage all phases of the capital raising process including due diligence and documentation. By ensuring an efficient capital raising process for our clients we allow management more time to focus on the business.