Private Equity

Private equity can be raised for a number of reasons including growth, acquisition financing, leveraged or management buyouts, going private transactions and recapitalizations. Larkspur Capital has established relationships with a large number of institutional private equity investors including growth equity funds, venture capital funds, later stage private equity funds, industry focused funds and hedge funds. We can help companies obtain private equity from the type of investor that fits their profile and in a structure that fits their overall financing strategy.

Private equity investors typically have a 5 to 7 year time horizon with targeted IRR’s contingent upon the level of risk associated with the type of equity financing. Private equity is often a highly negotiated process with structures and terms that can be customized to fit a company’s particular financing needs. Private equity securities can be structured as either common stock or as some sort of preferred security. Preferred stock can include conversion features, redemption features, anti-dilution adjustments, warrants, dividends and other negotiated terms. Larkspur Capital can help companies achieve their financing goals while taking into consideration liquidity issues, ownership structure, governance issues, valuation and overall strategic objectives.